Top Scary Games Of All Time

It’s of no great surprise gamers take their computer and computer-related equipment very seriously. Scary games are not recommended for faint hearted kids as these games needs guts to play as the characters in the game scream, lots of bloodshed, dreadful monsters are there which makes the game more interesting and real in nature. There are a number of scary games that are available in today’s market.

The list of top scary games of all times

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game was developed and published by frictional games. It can be operated on Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft windows.

Game descriptions

You play as Daniel and the game is based in London, (1839).

When the game starts, Daniel wakes up in the Brennenburg Castle, without a clue on how he got to that place. The only thing he knows is his name and where he leave and all is not well with him. Horrors’ plague the castle and Daniel has no weapon or power to overcome them. The only thing left is to run, fix thing as to use them and solve puzzles.

You have to remain focused on the health meter and sanity meter. The sanity meter starts to decline when you stay in the dark for long where hallucination starts attracting horrors. The meter is maintained when you stay in light. If you notice ugly monsters you run and until you are out of their sight.

2. Alan Wake

The publisher of this game is the Microsoft game studios while the key developer is the remedy entertainment. The game can be run is operating systems such as Microsoft windows and Xbox 360.


Alan Wake is the protagonist of this game who suffers from writer’s block with Alice being his significant other and his agent Barry suggest a vacation, and so Alan and Alice travel to Bright Falls, though they had no idea what was waiting for them. Alice is kidnapped by an unknown force, and the player must overcome various obstacles to get her back. This includes use of paranormal abilities. At different levels you will be required to fight your opponents with added disadvantage in that they are protected by a cloud of darkness. In order to do away with the darkness, you need to use a flashlight to enable you defeat them with ease. You are to recharge your battery and load your ambulation when you take over the town. Bigger light sources will destroy more of your opponents, while streetlights will generate your health faster

2. F.E.A.R.

The main developers are monolith studios, day I studios and the game was published by Vivendi universal. The game can be operated on playstation3, Microsoft windows and Xbox 360

Game description

You are a member of F.E.A.R., a group which deals with supernatural forces. It’s a first-person shooter game, greatly influenced by the Japanese horror. The uniqueness of the game is that it has reflex time that is able to slow down everything around you enabling the player soot easily. A horrifying girl in red appears with amazement (Alma).you can easily defeat your opponents with controlled abilities since most are humans.

3. Silent Hill: Downpour

The game is compatible with play station 3 and Xbox 260. It was developed by Vatra Games

Game description

The main protagonist of the game is Murphy, who’s out for revenge i.e. to kill nasty pedophile. However, he makes a regretful mistake.

The player explores Silent Hill, encountering monsters at every turn. There are limited firearms and ammunitions and no longer reliable. The melee weapon at hand breaks.

The health meter starts declining reflecting on the character’s appearance. However the player focuses on the main goal to fight the monsters that often appear often during rains. The choices made in the entire game dictates the outcome.

4. Dead Space

The game was developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts. The game is compatible with play station 3, Microsoft windows and Xbox 360 operating systems.

Game description

You play as Isaac Clarke who survives, along with two other partners, their ship’s collision with dock of the mining starship they were sent to investigate. Along with making certain discoveries about the mining starship and the planet Aegis VII, they finally realize how much danger they’re in, and the fight against the Necromorphs. They’re just reanimated corpses and a smarter version- starts. It’s kill or be killed: and they have to kill in order to get off the planet.