Top 5 Best Casual Video Games

With the current century, gaming has become part of most kids’ lives as well as teenagers, and adults. The vast range of the games that are suitable for kids, youths and other older game fanatics keep the involved most of the day, especially during weekends and holidays. In fact, there are people who have become addicted to the games such that they are always informed of the latest retro video games that come out
Below is a list of the top 5 best retro video games to keep you involved if you are a game fanatic.

1. Hotline Miami — 2012

This game is played using Windows platform. This is a very violent game that makes the garners have an adrenaline rush. The player takes the role of a thug who fights his way from room to room that is filled with men with knives and guns or any other murder-tool you can think of The game is not timed but you have to be swift because every room contains gunmen and every second you waste can lead to your death.

2. Gone Home — 2013

This game is played using Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. In this game, you arrive at your new home and find that no one is home. You find a note from your younger sister at the door that is begging you not to worry or look for her You start wondering where everyone went and what is happening. This game has no swords or gunmen. You are alone trying to figure out what happened.

3. Towerfall — 2013

This game is played using the Ouya platform. This game is apparently the only game that can make you buy an Ouya. This game is thrilling and very exciting for the players and spectators. The adrenaline rush caused by every kill is just what you want.

4. Super Meat Boy — 2010

The super meat boy game is played using Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. This game is frustrating and challenging, and every level needs spinning of spiny needles and blades. You thus require skills of the highest level or else you will be stuck in one level forever. In this game, you will die a lot, but you will be satisfied because the game is involving and exciting. When you reach at the end, you will be so proud of yourself because this is one of the most challenging games.

5. Myst — 1993
This game is played using Mac Oa This is one of the earliest video games in which the players are taken into a fictional world. This is thus an adventurous game, and it is very thrilling. It’s the combination of inventive puzzles and detailed world-building adventures that will make you be glued to the screen for long hours. The best selling game is thus among the best that you can select.
These are just five games out of the hundreds that you can select from Therefore, you have a variety of choices that you can choose for your holidays or weekends. The games that have been listed are among the best thus it is upon you to select the one that will suit your interests depending on your taste and preferences.