What We Know About Nintendo Switch so Far

Nintendo has been jealous with information regarding the new Nintendo Switch -formerly Nintendo NX-.The trailer, which was released Thursday last week (October 20th) did gave us some ideas on what to expect.

The console as a concept

Much was speculated before the launch trailer. After watching it, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid console. You can use it at home, just as you would a PS4 or Xbox One, and you can also use it as a portable system. This due to the controllers and the design of the console. Which allows the user to seamlessly attach the controllers to the main, tablet-like, platform and take on the go.


In the trailer, we were able to see a total of five: Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart and a new Mario, The Elder Scrolls and NBA 2K17. There is a lot of speculation around the two third party games. Mainly because both companies -Bethesda Softworks,2K Games- have not confirmed that these two games are a part of the Nintendo Switch library. Despite this, Nintendo has released a list of third party developers that will publish games for the new console. Keep in mind, thought, that the same thing happened with the Nintendo Wii U and a lot of developers dropped out when they saw the console was not selling well.
The “Nintendo Switch Dock”

The little stand seen in the trailer was confirmed by Nintendo to work just as a T.V output and a dock where you put the main console, the tablet-like system, to charge. That’s all it does.


A special mention to the controllers, named “Joy-Con”. As seen on the trailer, it is basically one controller, split into two. Both parts can be used independently. Which means that two users can play with one controller. Grabbing it as if was a small Nes one. Nintendo is aiming to a wide variety of customers, so it is possible that, as seen in the trailer, different types of controllers are compatible with the console. Specs
So far, not much is known about the specs of the Nintendo Switch. Nvidia has confirmed that the console will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra chip which, in theory, translates to a performance on par with the PS4 or Xbox One. This leaves the system a little behind in the graphics department, specially with the new Project Scorpio on the way.

How much will it cost?

Nothing has been confirmed yet. But some rumors set the price of the console between 299 – 399 Dollars. Guess it won’t be too long for this information to be released.

Backward compatibility

Nintendo has confirmed that the console won’t be backwards compatible. This means you won’t be able to play your Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or any other console games on it.

Release date:

Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch won’t be available for this Christmas. The trailer revealed that the console will release in March 2017.

That is, in summary, everything we know so far about the console. More than likely this information will be expanded in the coming days.