Important Things to Consider When Building Your Own Gaming PC

It is interesting to see a remarkable development in the world of PC gaming. With the advent of fast paced and visually captivating games, it is important that you optimize your system or custom build your own gaming PC if you want to enjoy the fun. Non gaming PCs do not have the necessary makeup that is required by today’s games. Using your regular PC creates low FPS (frames per second), meaning that your computer games will start working slowly, making you feel like you’re watching a slideshow instead of playing a real fun game. Using a non gaming PC will also cause problems like low graphic output and other similar glitches. Using your regular PC for new generation games often time make your system slower and sometimes you begin to wonder why. Today’s games require more power and hard drive capacity and gaming PCs come with a configuration that avails the computer a large RAM size that will make the computer load quickly.

Until recently, gamers always looked for enormous graphic cards and large RAM capacity. However, as important as these specs are, CPU performance is much more important. Taking the popular game, Virtual Cop as an example, we could see that old generation games had lower graphic quality and they don’t require as access of much information from the hard drive like new generation games.

Their quality comes for a price they occupy huge spaces on your hard drive. Many new generation games occupy memory space in excess of 20 gigabytes. There is a need for constant access of information so that the game play will run smoothly.

To build a customized gaming system, it is recommended that gamers use Intel’s Core i7-4770K processor with a stock clock of 3.5GHz. This processor is not only good for new generation games, it is also rugged and durable. It can withstand extreme working conditions and environment.

It is important to get a very good hard drive when thinking of building a system that is custom designed to suit your gaming needs. Your hard drive should have a large storage capacity and should be able to withstand the pressure of long gaming hours. The Kingston V300 120GB Solid State is often recommended. Like other solid state drives, the Kingston V300 120GB hard drive has no moving parts and is extremely fast. Just changing your hard drive to the Kingston V300 120GB Solid State will significantly improve your gaming speed. Software programs that consume a lot of data are very fast on this hard drive when compared to how they run on a regular hard drive. Many people often ask “How is game performance on a solid state drive?” Needless to say, It is much faster and way better! Your game has to read information from your hard drive when the game data is copied to your hard drive. The Solid State Drive has a faster read time which makes your game more responsive and faster. This is the dream of every gamer. With CPU performance being a very important factor, ensure that you do yourself a big favor by getting a computer with an SSD and Intel Core i7-4770K.