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Let me give you a simple guide on what to look for in video games. I know you want to have all the best and the latest ones, but you don’t want to waste your time, effort and money on the ones that will not do you any right? So sit back and release and let’s have a walkthrough about the games that you wouldn’t want to miss while they•re still hot.
I’m sure you are wondering what the action games that give great impressions to its users are. In other words, you will know what makes them tick! So now, what’s going to happen next? Well, let me give you an idea what kind of action games will surely hit you right on the spot and why they are selling like hotcakes today. Following are the best action games of 2018.

1. Super Mario

Super Marion is the game from Nintendo. It is the best video game in 2018 Compared to the new ones that just recently came out, it remains as the best-loved video game, and we are already counting decades of Super Mario fun and enjoyment.

2. The Legend of Zelda

It’s not surprising why this game got high ratings from the ones who have played it The game is already a hit way back 1987, and The Legend of Zelda series continues to be a big hit until now It’s also very popular because of its excellent concept and design.

3. Metroid Prime

No wonder it caught the attention of a lot of fans and loyal followers because it’s the first 3E1 game in the Metroid series. It has earned success because of its detailed graphics, special effects, and the excellent soundtrack. Who wouldn’t want something that already has everything in one package?

4. Grand theft auto IV

Rockstar North composed the game. It is accessible in PlayStation 3 and Xbox60. The Grand theft auto iv has captured a lot of awards for being the best video game.
5. Soul Calibur Namco established Soul Calibur. It is also one of the most loved video games and best in 2018. It has been awarded as the best video game severally the most audience enjoys it In conclusion, those are the best video games in 2018, but there are still a lot more than you can include on your wish list. So don’t let the dust settle in your gaming console, pick a game that you will like and get rid of boredom. It’s also one of the best ways to bond and have quality time with family and friends.