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Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Releases Next Week

Far Cry 5’s second DLC package, known as ‘Lost on Mars’, will release on July 17th for all platforms. As the title suggests, the player will be headed to Mars to deal with an alien threat. You’ll step in the shoes of Nick Rye along with series veteran Hurk to stop the extraterrestrial invasion.

The DLC features new weapons such as the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire and Morphinator, and a new vehicle is also available: Space Jets. Some of these new weapons will also be made available for use in the main game, including the Obliteratorrr, Taser Phazer Annihilazer, Nerve Reaper, Grape Popper and Hellfire. A free update will also be available for all players that include the Lost on Mars assets for the Far Cry Arcade mode.

Lost on Mars is available as a part of the 24,99 Season Pass and can also be purchased separately for 9,99. The first DLC package, Hours of Darkness, took players to Vietnam and was released a couple of weeks ago. The third and final DLC for the game, Dead Living Zombies, is scheduled to release in August.

Xbox One Receives Sport White Special Edition Controller

Microsoft has announced a new color variation and special edition controller for the Xbox One family of consoles. The gamepad features a white and cyan grey look, along with triangular patterns on both handles.

The Xbox One Sport White Special Edition controller will be available in stores starting from August 7, and you’ll also find a 14-day trial for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Games Pass included in the box.

Microsoft is currently aiming to release more ‘Sport’ branded products with their distinctive design. For example, a fitting charging cradle with identical design will be available for 49,99 USD. The controller itself will carry a price tag of 69,99 dollars.

Code Vein Delayed To 2019

Code Vein was originally scheduled to release at the end of September this year, but the developer and publisher Bandai Namco has now announced that the action game is now set to release somewhere in 2019.

The game, which is described by the developers as “Anime Dark Souls meets vampires”, apparently needed a little bit more time to polish the gameplay. The development team is led by Yusuke Tomizawa and previously worked on the God Eater games.

Code Vein features a futuristic setting with a vampire race known as the Revenants that are highly dependant on drinking the blood of others. Vein refers to the name of the location, and Revenants who are unable to feed themselves with blood turn into hostile monsters known as the Lost.

The game will release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and a specific new date haven’t been announced.

Iconic Video Games: GamingGroundZero Opinion

Let me give you a simple guide on what to look for in video games. I know you want to have all the best and the latest ones, but you don’t want to waste your time, effort and money on the ones that will not do you any right? So sit back and release and let’s have a walkthrough about the games that you wouldn’t want to miss while they•re still hot.
I’m sure you are wondering what the action games that give great impressions to its users are. In other words, you will know what makes them tick! So now, what’s going to happen next? Well, let me give you an idea what kind of action games will surely hit you right on the spot and why they are selling like hotcakes today. Following are the best action games of 2018.

1. Super Mario

Super Marion is the game from Nintendo. It is the best video game in 2018 Compared to the new ones that just recently came out, it remains as the best-loved video game, and we are already counting decades of Super Mario fun and enjoyment.

2. The Legend of Zelda

It’s not surprising why this game got high ratings from the ones who have played it The game is already a hit way back 1987, and The Legend of Zelda series continues to be a big hit until now It’s also very popular because of its excellent concept and design.

3. Metroid Prime

No wonder it caught the attention of a lot of fans and loyal followers because it’s the first 3E1 game in the Metroid series. It has earned success because of its detailed graphics, special effects, and the excellent soundtrack. Who wouldn’t want something that already has everything in one package?

4. Grand theft auto IV

Rockstar North composed the game. It is accessible in PlayStation 3 and Xbox60. The Grand theft auto iv has captured a lot of awards for being the best video game.
5. Soul Calibur Namco established Soul Calibur. It is also one of the most loved video games and best in 2018. It has been awarded as the best video game severally the most audience enjoys it In conclusion, those are the best video games in 2018, but there are still a lot more than you can include on your wish list. So don’t let the dust settle in your gaming console, pick a game that you will like and get rid of boredom. It’s also one of the best ways to bond and have quality time with family and friends.

Top 5 Best Casual Video Games

With the current century, gaming has become part of most kids’ lives as well as teenagers, and adults. The vast range of the games that are suitable for kids, youths and other older game fanatics keep the involved most of the day, especially during weekends and holidays. In fact, there are people who have become addicted to the games such that they are always informed of the latest retro video games that come out
Below is a list of the top 5 best retro video games to keep you involved if you are a game fanatic.

1. Hotline Miami — 2012

This game is played using Windows platform. This is a very violent game that makes the garners have an adrenaline rush. The player takes the role of a thug who fights his way from room to room that is filled with men with knives and guns or any other murder-tool you can think of The game is not timed but you have to be swift because every room contains gunmen and every second you waste can lead to your death.

2. Gone Home — 2013

This game is played using Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. In this game, you arrive at your new home and find that no one is home. You find a note from your younger sister at the door that is begging you not to worry or look for her You start wondering where everyone went and what is happening. This game has no swords or gunmen. You are alone trying to figure out what happened.

3. Towerfall — 2013

This game is played using the Ouya platform. This game is apparently the only game that can make you buy an Ouya. This game is thrilling and very exciting for the players and spectators. The adrenaline rush caused by every kill is just what you want.

4. Super Meat Boy — 2010

The super meat boy game is played using Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. This game is frustrating and challenging, and every level needs spinning of spiny needles and blades. You thus require skills of the highest level or else you will be stuck in one level forever. In this game, you will die a lot, but you will be satisfied because the game is involving and exciting. When you reach at the end, you will be so proud of yourself because this is one of the most challenging games.

5. Myst — 1993
This game is played using Mac Oa This is one of the earliest video games in which the players are taken into a fictional world. This is thus an adventurous game, and it is very thrilling. It’s the combination of inventive puzzles and detailed world-building adventures that will make you be glued to the screen for long hours. The best selling game is thus among the best that you can select.
These are just five games out of the hundreds that you can select from Therefore, you have a variety of choices that you can choose for your holidays or weekends. The games that have been listed are among the best thus it is upon you to select the one that will suit your interests depending on your taste and preferences.

Top Scary Games Of All Time

It’s of no great surprise gamers take their computer and computer-related equipment very seriously. Scary games are not recommended for faint hearted kids as these games needs guts to play as the characters in the game scream, lots of bloodshed, dreadful monsters are there which makes the game more interesting and real in nature. There are a number of scary games that are available in today’s market.

The list of top scary games of all times

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game was developed and published by frictional games. It can be operated on Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft windows.

Game descriptions

You play as Daniel and the game is based in London, (1839).

When the game starts, Daniel wakes up in the Brennenburg Castle, without a clue on how he got to that place. The only thing he knows is his name and where he leave and all is not well with him. Horrors’ plague the castle and Daniel has no weapon or power to overcome them. The only thing left is to run, fix thing as to use them and solve puzzles.

You have to remain focused on the health meter and sanity meter. The sanity meter starts to decline when you stay in the dark for long where hallucination starts attracting horrors. The meter is maintained when you stay in light. If you notice ugly monsters you run and until you are out of their sight.

2. Alan Wake

The publisher of this game is the Microsoft game studios while the key developer is the remedy entertainment. The game can be run is operating systems such as Microsoft windows and Xbox 360.


Alan Wake is the protagonist of this game who suffers from writer’s block with Alice being his significant other and his agent Barry suggest a vacation, and so Alan and Alice travel to Bright Falls, though they had no idea what was waiting for them. Alice is kidnapped by an unknown force, and the player must overcome various obstacles to get her back. This includes use of paranormal abilities. At different levels you will be required to fight your opponents with added disadvantage in that they are protected by a cloud of darkness. In order to do away with the darkness, you need to use a flashlight to enable you defeat them with ease. You are to recharge your battery and load your ambulation when you take over the town. Bigger light sources will destroy more of your opponents, while streetlights will generate your health faster

2. F.E.A.R.

The main developers are monolith studios, day I studios and the game was published by Vivendi universal. The game can be operated on playstation3, Microsoft windows and Xbox 360

Game description

You are a member of F.E.A.R., a group which deals with supernatural forces. It’s a first-person shooter game, greatly influenced by the Japanese horror. The uniqueness of the game is that it has reflex time that is able to slow down everything around you enabling the player soot easily. A horrifying girl in red appears with amazement (Alma).you can easily defeat your opponents with controlled abilities since most are humans.

3. Silent Hill: Downpour

The game is compatible with play station 3 and Xbox 260. It was developed by Vatra Games

Game description

The main protagonist of the game is Murphy, who’s out for revenge i.e. to kill nasty pedophile. However, he makes a regretful mistake.

The player explores Silent Hill, encountering monsters at every turn. There are limited firearms and ammunitions and no longer reliable. The melee weapon at hand breaks.

The health meter starts declining reflecting on the character’s appearance. However the player focuses on the main goal to fight the monsters that often appear often during rains. The choices made in the entire game dictates the outcome.

4. Dead Space

The game was developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts. The game is compatible with play station 3, Microsoft windows and Xbox 360 operating systems.

Game description

You play as Isaac Clarke who survives, along with two other partners, their ship’s collision with dock of the mining starship they were sent to investigate. Along with making certain discoveries about the mining starship and the planet Aegis VII, they finally realize how much danger they’re in, and the fight against the Necromorphs. They’re just reanimated corpses and a smarter version- starts. It’s kill or be killed: and they have to kill in order to get off the planet.

What We Know About Nintendo Switch so Far

Nintendo has been jealous with information regarding the new Nintendo Switch -formerly Nintendo NX-.The trailer, which was released Thursday last week (October 20th) did gave us some ideas on what to expect.

The console as a concept

Much was speculated before the launch trailer. After watching it, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid console. You can use it at home, just as you would a PS4 or Xbox One, and you can also use it as a portable system. This due to the controllers and the design of the console. Which allows the user to seamlessly attach the controllers to the main, tablet-like, platform and take on the go.


In the trailer, we were able to see a total of five: Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart and a new Mario, The Elder Scrolls and NBA 2K17. There is a lot of speculation around the two third party games. Mainly because both companies -Bethesda Softworks,2K Games- have not confirmed that these two games are a part of the Nintendo Switch library. Despite this, Nintendo has released a list of third party developers that will publish games for the new console. Keep in mind, thought, that the same thing happened with the Nintendo Wii U and a lot of developers dropped out when they saw the console was not selling well.
The “Nintendo Switch Dock”

The little stand seen in the trailer was confirmed by Nintendo to work just as a T.V output and a dock where you put the main console, the tablet-like system, to charge. That’s all it does.


A special mention to the controllers, named “Joy-Con”. As seen on the trailer, it is basically one controller, split into two. Both parts can be used independently. Which means that two users can play with one controller. Grabbing it as if was a small Nes one. Nintendo is aiming to a wide variety of customers, so it is possible that, as seen in the trailer, different types of controllers are compatible with the console. Specs
So far, not much is known about the specs of the Nintendo Switch. Nvidia has confirmed that the console will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra chip which, in theory, translates to a performance on par with the PS4 or Xbox One. This leaves the system a little behind in the graphics department, specially with the new Project Scorpio on the way.

How much will it cost?

Nothing has been confirmed yet. But some rumors set the price of the console between 299 – 399 Dollars. Guess it won’t be too long for this information to be released.

Backward compatibility

Nintendo has confirmed that the console won’t be backwards compatible. This means you won’t be able to play your Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or any other console games on it.

Release date:

Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch won’t be available for this Christmas. The trailer revealed that the console will release in March 2017.

That is, in summary, everything we know so far about the console. More than likely this information will be expanded in the coming days.

Understanding the Pros and Cons Of PC Games

Playing video games on a PC has more than a couple of advantages. Some of them include multi-tasking, instant PC games download, cheaper price and a lot more games for free, and more game variety.
As long as computers are expanding to a wider market, PC games will continue to flourish. Here are some reasons why there are still a lot of people who are into playing video games on their PC.


Multi-tasking – Multi tasking is very possible while you enjoy your favorite PC game. Unlike playing on consoles where you can only do one common thing through it (which is of course, playing), a real computer will allow you to go on with your article, your book report, or your online chat just by pausing your game for a while. It provides convenience if you wish to switch from one task to another.

Instant PC Games Download – Because of the advent of the internet and advanced technology, downloading computer games has become so easy. There are games that will only take a few seconds before you can fully enjoy them on your PC. With just a few clicks away, even your grandparents will be able to successfully install these downloadable PC games themselves. Installation and download are the so easy, you will have your game in just a blink of an eye.

Cheaper in Price and a Lot of Freebies – When you visit any video game retail outlet or even online markets like eBay or Amazon, you will notice that there is really a remarkable difference of PC game prices compared to others. This is because of the licensing fee that is involved when creating video games for consoles. Unlike with console developers who have to pay a certain amount to the different console patent owners, there is no licensing fee at all for computer games.

More Variety – Playing more kinds of video games in your computer is possible because of the fact that the PC is designed to be flexible. Its powerful software is capable to do a lot of things and can carry on a lot of applications all at once. Games are merely executable files in nature and computers are well designed to work perfectly on them.

There are a lot of negative influences fighting pc games bring to the table.


They inspire those that play them, and by doing so, some might get the wrong message.
Spending a lot of time in a violent environment, even if virtual, one might become violent himself.
Clouding up your mind, if you spend too much time in such a demanding game, you can get confused about the real world and act like it’s the virtual one you are so used to.

Other bad influences include the casual computer-related issues, such as generating an anti-social behavior, ruining the sight vision, and pretty much wasting your time. Of course, the main benefit of playing games on the PC is that you can save lots of money buying other game consoles. With your personal computer, you can watch movies, type using a word processor, and surf the Internet. Some gaming consoles have already adapted the Internet features, but none gets closer to what the PC can offer. In short, with a PC, you already have an all-in-one machine that allows you to take a break from gaming once in a while to focus on other things such as finishing your projects.

Important Things to Consider When Building Your Own Gaming PC

It is interesting to see a remarkable development in the world of PC gaming. With the advent of fast paced and visually captivating games, it is important that you optimize your system or custom build your own gaming PC if you want to enjoy the fun. Non gaming PCs do not have the necessary makeup that is required by today’s games. Using your regular PC creates low FPS (frames per second), meaning that your computer games will start working slowly, making you feel like you’re watching a slideshow instead of playing a real fun game. Using a non gaming PC will also cause problems like low graphic output and other similar glitches. Using your regular PC for new generation games often time make your system slower and sometimes you begin to wonder why. Today’s games require more power and hard drive capacity and gaming PCs come with a configuration that avails the computer a large RAM size that will make the computer load quickly.

Until recently, gamers always looked for enormous graphic cards and large RAM capacity. However, as important as these specs are, CPU performance is much more important. Taking the popular game, Virtual Cop as an example, we could see that old generation games had lower graphic quality and they don’t require as access of much information from the hard drive like new generation games.

Their quality comes for a price they occupy huge spaces on your hard drive. Many new generation games occupy memory space in excess of 20 gigabytes. There is a need for constant access of information so that the game play will run smoothly.

To build a customized gaming system, it is recommended that gamers use Intel’s Core i7-4770K processor with a stock clock of 3.5GHz. This processor is not only good for new generation games, it is also rugged and durable. It can withstand extreme working conditions and environment.

It is important to get a very good hard drive when thinking of building a system that is custom designed to suit your gaming needs. Your hard drive should have a large storage capacity and should be able to withstand the pressure of long gaming hours. The Kingston V300 120GB Solid State is often recommended. Like other solid state drives, the Kingston V300 120GB hard drive has no moving parts and is extremely fast. Just changing your hard drive to the Kingston V300 120GB Solid State will significantly improve your gaming speed. Software programs that consume a lot of data are very fast on this hard drive when compared to how they run on a regular hard drive. Many people often ask “How is game performance on a solid state drive?” Needless to say, It is much faster and way better! Your game has to read information from your hard drive when the game data is copied to your hard drive. The Solid State Drive has a faster read time which makes your game more responsive and faster. This is the dream of every gamer. With CPU performance being a very important factor, ensure that you do yourself a big favor by getting a computer with an SSD and Intel Core i7-4770K.