LordShade has been a member of the GGZ Community for many, many years.  He has contributed a large number of resources and is most known for his original sprites. He’s always had his own signature style and palette when it comes to his pixel work. His characters are whimsical and lovable. He often includes poses with his sets which add to the sprite character’s personality and movement.

We’ve taken one of Shadey’s signatures and surrounded it with some of his more memorable original characters and creations, starting at the very top and moving clockwise to the right, then from left to right across the bottom: Ramuh, Magenta (pose), Maretta (pose), Goppi, King Mongkut, Harem Girl, Old King Cole (pose); Ixquic Acab, Gangster (pose), Killer Komi, Ifrit.

LordShade was more than just a pixel artist. He participated in the Forums and entered a variety of contests often placing in the Winners Circle. He created some beautiful artistic pieces in support of GGZ’s special events and in celebration of holidays.  He was forever friendly, helpful and very respected.

Last we heard from LordShade he was still in Mexico and still a student, but that was several years ago.  We can only hope that he’s pursuing his dreams and realizing great success in whatever he’s chosen to do.  And of course, GGZ extends its warmest good wishes and thanks to LordShade for the many resources and years of support he gave to us. Truly terrific, LordShade definitely ranks high as one of the best of the best.